Nettle & Ginger Wine


Ginger Root 10 Gram(s) Bruised
450 grams Raisins
2 Lemons
2 Litres Nettles
1750 Grams Sugar
4.5 Litres Water
Brewers Yeast

Spring Nettles


Pick nettle tops these tend to be a little sweeter and still hold lots of flavour, If you pick your nettle tops in the spring they’ll be at their best.

Wash the nettles thoroughly and drain

Heat the water in a large pan and add the bruised ginger, nettles, lemon rind and juice (excluding white pith) and raisins, simmer for 50 minutes.

Strain and transfer to a fementation/brewing bucket then add the sugar, stirring until dissolved. Add more water to bring up to the one gallon mark, wait until the temperature falls to 21°C before adding the yeast.

Place the lid on the bucket and put in a warm place for four days.

Pour the bucket contents into a demijohn, fitting an airlock as usual. Leave to stand for two months until clear. Rack and restand as necessary, bottle after 3-4 months.