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These Scones are great for afternoon tea. Quick and easy to make they are a real starter recipe for people new to baking.

Cast Iron Skillet Garlic Butter Chicken

Simple Garlic Butter Chicken in a Cast Iron Skillet Simple cooking – delicious results. This chicken recipe is brilliant for feeding a crowd and so full of flavour…

Fresh Mackerel with Bay and Peas

Cook fresh fish in tin foil for an easy and delicious supper. This recipe can also be used for BBQ cooking.

From Lawn to Food Forest

Back in March 2019 we decided to start a food forest project in the front garden. It was a pretty easy decision to make. The front garden was mostly lawn, and we never really did much with it other than mow it, on what seemed liked too regular as basis….

  • by cottagecookbook Bangers & Mozerella Mash served with rainbow chard, yellow carrots, dinosaur kale and spinach out of the food forest, thick
  • by cottagecookbook The Scorpion Trinidad Habernero Chillis we dried and ground into chilli powder make the most amazing (and really hot!!) Cast
  • by cottagecookbook My, what a big aubergine you've got!
  • by cottagecookbook This year's Pumpkin harvest after the vines started dying back. Oregon Homestead Sweet Meat, Musque de Provence, Red Kuri and
  • by cottagecookbook We bought some new Stubby Bottles for the latest homebrew - When after tasting; I've deemed a Chai Tea Abbey
  • by cottagecookbook Brew Day! I'm Making a Chai Tea Tripple with cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, kibbled ginger and black tea. Also a
  • by cottagecookbook Cast iron cooked beef stew and dumplings.
  • by cottagecookbook Brew Day Progress! I'm Making a Chai Tea Tripple with cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, kibbled ginger and black tea. Also
  • by cottagecookbook The last of this year's Lilliput Pear harvest.
  • by cottagecookbook The Chocolate Scorpion Trinidad Chilli Stout wort. - it's a bit thick I'm hoping the thickness stays after its fermented.

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Chives – a garden must-have!

Chives are one of the easiest herbs to grow and their slight oniony flavour means that they go well in nearly every savory dish. We have several chive plants in our garden and spend the entire season (spring to autumn) adding them to …