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These Scones are great for afternoon tea. Quick and easy to make they are a real starter recipe for people new to baking.

Cast Iron Skillet Garlic Butter Chicken

Simple Garlic Butter Chicken in a Cast Iron Skillet Simple cooking – delicious results. This chicken recipe is brilliant for feeding a crowd and so full of flavour…

Fresh Mackerel with Bay and Peas

Cook fresh fish in tin foil for an easy and delicious supper. This recipe can also be used for BBQ cooking.

From Lawn to Food Forest

Back in March 2019 we decided to start a food forest project in the front garden. It was a pretty easy decision to make. The front garden was mostly lawn, and we never really did much with it other than mow it, on what seemed liked too regular as basis….

  • by cottagecookbook When you've got a glut of Gherkin Cucumbers you make pickles. Lots of different versions as experiments. With cider vinegar,
  • by cottagecookbook Food forest strawberry picking. They're so sweet this year ❤️
  • by cottagecookbook Kordia Cherries ready for the picking
  • by cottagecookbook It's A help yourself kind of evening, one big tin roast, with garden grown Milan Turnips, carrots, sweet potatoes and
  • by cottagecookbook More Strawberries and the first lot of sour Morello Cherries, with a couple of big Kordia sweet cherries that have
  • by cottagecookbook That's tonight's dinner and desert sorted! A nice little harvest from the food forest - Rainbow Chard, Spinach, Tuscan Kale,
  • by cottagecookbook A multicoloured veg harvest from the food forest, Rainbow Chard, Blue Dazzling Kale, and Tuscan Kale - perfect to go
  • by cottagecookbook Late Sunday Breakfast - Sourdough Pancakes, with garden grown Morello cherry, strawberry, red currant and gooseberry compote with Greek yogurt
  • by cottagecookbook That time of year when the greenhouse starts to look like a jungle
  • by cottagecookbook Today's random harvest. Strawberries, raspberries, red currants, camomile flowers, lavender flowers, basil, Thai basil, cucumber, the first carrots of the

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Chives – a garden must-have!

Chives are one of the easiest herbs to grow and their slight oniony flavour means that they go well in nearly every savory dish. We have several chive plants in our garden and spend the entire season (spring to autumn) adding them to …