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In Seasno Food in August

In Season March

March can be an awkward month for the seasonal cook but spring greens like purple sprouting broccoli are in abundance and Wild Scottish Salmon is coming into season. With a rich bounty of other seasonal fish a rich creamy fish pie with fresh greens would go down a treat. With plenty of wild hedgerows to get some tasty nettle tops...

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Grow your Own Food

Grow Your Own Food Introduction

Food For Free

Food For Free Introduction

Drink Talk

Real Ale

Lupuloid IPA Review

In Season
What's in Season now?

Grow your own food

Grow your own food

An Introduction to Growing your own food - be it in pots on a window sill or on a bustling allotment. Growing your own food could be the most rewarding and nutritional thing you can do.

Growing your own food can be enormously rewarding especially by mid summer when your hard work from spring rewards you with lots of tasty fruit and vegetables and crisp salad treats, no matter what space you have there's always room for a few pots for salad greens or a few hanging baskets of tomato plants.

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Grow your own
Garden grown food

Lupuloid IPA Review

Lupuloid IPA Review - Beavertown Brewery

My first ever canned craft beer was a Beavertown Smog Rocket at Craft & Dough (Sheffield) a craft ale and pizza restaurant. There was an intriguing temptation to the can - the back wall behind the bar was filled with bottle upon bottle of various beers, but the art covered Beavertown can yelled at me to buy it.

Lupuloid is Beavertown's first IPA in their core range...

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Lupuloid IPA - Beavertown Brewery
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