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Sweet Potato Flatbreads

Easy sweet potato flatbreads, fried in a cast iron skillet in coconut oil.

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Easy to make flatbread  
Teriyaki Sauce Recipe

Teriyaki Sauce

A Japanese spicy/sweet sauce great as a marinade for chicken and beef, or used as a dipping or pouring sauce.

Also see Teriyaki Chicken

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Teriyaki Sauce Recipe
Sweet/Spicy Japanese Sauce
Corned Beef Hash Recipe

Corned Beef Hash

Super-tasty Corned Beef Hash - With Red Wine Filling

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Corned Beef Hash
Submitted by Laura
Roast Vegetables Recipe

Roast Vegetables

A simple, healthy side dish with plenty of flavour.

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Roast Vegetables
A Simple Healthy Side
Lewy's Left-over Chicken Curry Recipe

Lewy's Left-over Chicken Curry

A creamy authentic tasting curry, not too hot not too mild... just right. Step-by-Step photo guide recipe

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Left-over Chicken Curry
Submitted by Lewy
SexyChef's Tandori Chicken Recipe

SexyChef's Tandori Chicken

A simple yet tasty Tandori Chicken recipe, a great introduction to Indian cooking.

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Tandori Chicken
Submitted by Sexychef
Nettle and Ginger Wine Recipe

Nettle & Ginger Wine

A great Spring recipe to make a sweet and strong wine.

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Nettle and Ginger Wine
Great Spring Flavour

Carrot Cake Recipe

Carrot Cake

A lovely moist, sweet carrot cake with walnuts, raisins and a cream cheese topping.

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Carrot Cake
Submitted by Laura
Lewy's Mexican Chilli Chicken Recipe

Lewy's Mexican Chilli Chicken Fajitas

Served on a red hot sizzler pan this Mexican recipe smells, looks, tastes and even sounds delicious.

Great for a Mexican food night or a romantic sharing meal.

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Chilli Chicken Fajitas
Submitted by Lewy

Rick's Mustard, Cheese and Onion Toast Recipe

Mustard, Cheese & Onion Toast

Simple, quick and tasty!

This is cheese on toast with a twist.

Makes a great snack in 5 minutes!

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Quick & Easy Tasty Toast
Submitted by Rick




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