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Lupuloid IPA - Beavertown Brewery - Canned Craft Beer Review

Beavertown Lupuloid - Craft Ale Can

My first ever canned craft beer was a Beavertown Smog Rocket at Craft & Dough in Sheffield, a craft ale and pizza restaurant. There was an intriguing temptation to beer in a can - the back wall behind the bar was filled with bottle upon bottle of various beers, but the art covered Beavertown can yelled at me to buy it! Buy it I did, along with a pulled pork pizza with frazzles crisps on top!

I poured the dark liquid into a tulip shaped Beavertown glass and took a sip - Great Beer as well as amazing artwork. Since then I've loved everything Beavertown. Not just the ale, or the artwork, but their whole ethos. They really do make exceptionally good beer, and they do it in a style of their own.

Why canned beer? What's wrong with bottles?

Apparently, beer in cans stays fresher for longer... There are two main things which make beer unstable - Light and air. Cans are completely light tight and have better seals than capped bottles, keeping your beer fresh as well as giving the opportunity for head to toe artwork.

Lupuloid IPA

Lupuloid is Beavertown's first IPA in their permanent range.

I first tried Lupuloid IPA shortly after it was launched - I bought a can from my local beer spot (Maison Du Beire - In Barnsley, South Yorkshire) I've since had it a number of times, and also on tap.

I've always had more of a preference for malty dark ales, stouts and porters, but recently I think my palate is changing. I have started enjoying IPAs and more hoppy brews a lot more, I'm not sure if it's that the quality of IPAs have come on a lot recently or my tastes have changed, maybe a little of both.

"This beer is drowning in hops"

Lupuloid is highly a refreshing beer. A light coloured, slightly hazy, dry and hoppy ale - This beer is drowning in Hops, it's very citrusy and juicy with grapefruit notes.

I'd highly recommend Lupuloid IPA, and in fact almost any of Beavertown's brews. Lupuloid is also just as good in cans as it is on tap - ' must be that sealed-in can freshness.

Go get yourself a can and take a look at their artwork at

5 Stars

Reviewed by Lewy.
Lewy is a Artist, Designer & Lover of food & drink.
He makes his own home brew beer & wine and enjoys tending the BBQ year round.

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